Children’s Ministry 

 LEADERS:   Cheryl Mack Thompson and Sharon Praylow
Children under 12 years old learn basic Christian concepts through participation in Children's Church, the Children's Sermons, and special events that prepare them to become life-long Christian learners.

Youth Ministry 


 LEADER:   Ashleigh Brooker
The Youth Ministry is designed to develop and guide the youth ages 12-18 into a strong, faithful relationship with God through worship, Youth Fellowship, training, service, witness and mission projects. 

Young Adult Ministry

 LEADER:   Whitney Davis
Young Adults between the ages of 19-34 prepare to become church and community leaders. They support outreach projects such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Families Helping Families, and many other agencies. 

Adult Ministry


 LEADER:   Sharee Washington
Member of the church/community are invited to participate in activities that help to strengthen the faith and life of adults between the ages of 35-54. Activities may include Bible study; spiritual formation and development; and leadership training. 

Older Adult Ministry

 LEADER:   Betty Mack
The Older Adult Ministry addresses the needs and concerns of those age 55 and above and sponsors activities that promote hope, healthy living, fellowship and mission. The goals are to: 
glorify God as we grow in faith as Christian disciples. 
serve the community by donating to charitable organizations. 
provide support for our spiritual, physical and mental growth. 

(Basic) Singles Ministry


 LEADER:   Andre Burwick
Singles Ministry nurtures those who have always been single, as well as the divorced, separated and widowed members of the congregation and the community. It provides opportunities for fellowship and serves as a support network for the members. 


Family Ministry 
Family Ministry identifies and assesses the needs and concerns of families within the church congregation and the community to promote and strengthen the quality of family life. Activities Include, but are not limited to the following: 

Married Couples Ministry 
The Married Couples ministry provides a spirit filled environment for married couples to create, nurture, and sustain Godly relationships through prayer, training, and fellowship. 

Annual Church Fellowship 
Family Ministry sponsors an annual outing that includes children, youth, adults of all ages and families of diverse structures. The intent is to support and advocate Christian fellowship and family unity. . 

Congregational Ministries 

Stewardship Ministry 
Stewardship responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following areas: (1) the interpretation of the biblical and theological basis for stewardship for people of all ages; (2) the development of strategies that will lead to increased attendance, continuous prayer, improvement in giving, and the using and sharing of time, talent and resources.  

Church School Superintendent - Olden Brooker
The Church School superintendent is responsible for helping to establish and supervise small groups within the congregation for the purpose of nurturing faith, building Christian community, and equipping persons of all ages for ministry in daily life. 

Christian Education Ministry - Ollie Benners
Christian Education is a ministry that provides educational resources, develops curriculum, and coordinates programs for people of all ages, racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds that will encourage them to commit themselves to Christ and to membership in His church. Programs include, but are not limited to the following: 

Church /Sunday School 
Classes are offered for all age levels from pre-K through senior adults. 
Weekly Bible Study 
Members of the congregation and the community are invited to participate. 

Vacation Bible School 
This one-week summer program provides a meal followed by age-level Bible study that includes arts and crafts, music, and drama. 

Summer Reading Program  
All age levels are encouraged to participate. 

Worship Ministry - Lynn Harris The Worship Ministry maintains the worship center and ensures that the altar cloths and/or paraments coincide with the liturgical seasons. 

Worship Ministry oversees the following areas:
Lay Readers  
Lay readers share announcements and other parish concerns. 

Members of all age levels serve as acolytes who bring in the light at the beginning of worship service and at the end of worship, carry the light into the world. Acolytes assist with baptism. 

Communion Stewards - Maxine Riley and Minnie Johnson Women of the church are trained to prepare and serve the sacred elements of Holy Communion. 

Usher Ministry - Vernie Williams
Senior and junior ushers serve during church services. Members of the usher ministry greet parishioners, assist with seating, hand out bulletins and visitor cards, and provide assistance with physical and logistical needs. 

Music Ministry - Michael Felton, Director of Music
The Music ministry provides a meaningful worship experience through a repertoire of music to include instrumentalists, vocalists, hand bell, children, youth and adult choirs.  

Handbell Choir - Marilynn Bailey 
Youth Choir - Logan Wade 
Children's Choir - LaTonya Derrick 

Small Groups 

Dance / Mime Ministry - Sharon Praylow and Cathy Williams
Children and youth dancers minister to the people of God through interpretive dance performed during regular worship and at special events throughout the community. 

Drama Ministry 
Members of the congregation are cast in productions to dramatize Christian principles that promote education, fellowship, and fun. 

Greeters Ministry - Priscilla Gibson
Members are stationed outside and inside to welcome and direct all worshipers as they arrive and enter the church. 

Hospitality Ministry - Ida Wideman
The hospitality ministry coordinates after service fellowship meals and provides a repast for bereaved families of the congregation. 

Media/Tech Support Ministry - Kerry Abel and Stan Caughman
Members of the technical support team ensure that the sound system is working properly before and during worship. They tape the services and make the recordings available to the congregation. The media team provides audio and visual recordings of worship services and special events that are available to the congregation.

~Outreach Ministries~ 

Church & Society Ministry - Carol Singletary
The purpose of the Church and Society Ministry is to: 
• Be aware of the issues that confront the members of the church, the communities and the world in which they live; and 
• Provide programs and resources that will promote human well-being, justice, peace and Christian integrity.

Christian Unity & Interreligious Concerns Ministry - Patrick Noble
The purpose of the Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns Ministry includes but is not limited to the following:
• To advocate ecumenical relationships with other faith communities; 
• To develop training for ecumenical leadership in the United Methodist Church; • To interpret United Methodist ties to national and international interreligious organizations; • To promote interchurch cooperation through ecumenical educational programs, interreligious study programs, ecumenical community action projects; ecumenical worship experiences, etc..

Health & Welfare Ministry - Greta Harper 
Health and Welfare Ministry encourages, promotes and supports programs that minister to human needs with the focus on helping the church and its community to achieve and maintain full human development in mind, body, and soul.

Higher Education & Campus Ministry - Shirley Madison 
Higher Education and Campus Ministry is an outreach program that includes, but is not limited to the following objectives: 
• To prepare and assist persons to fulfill their ministry in Christ;  
• To provide general oversight and care for campus ministries and institutions of higher education including schools, colleges, universities, and theological schools; and 
• To engage in research related to personnel needs and interpretations of occupational opportunities in the church.

Native American Ministry 
The Native American Ministry committee/coordinator represents the need for better awareness of Native Americans who are members of the faith community within and outside of the United Methodist Church. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: 
• To relate to Native Americans as fellow Christians; 
• To become partners in ministry ; 
• To promote awareness of the presence of Native Americans;  
• To coordinate and promote Native American Ministries Sunday ; and 
• To determine the distribution of the Native American Sunday Ministries offering

Mission Service Ministry - Inez Benjamin 
Persons involved in the Mission Service Ministry are called to: 
• Pursue activities or perform services that meet human needs; 
• Plan and develop opportunities for short-term assignments; and 
• Recruit volunteers with a variety of skills and abilities.

Religion and Race Ministry - Clarence Dollison 
The primary purpose of the Race and Religion Ministry is to achieve full, equal participation of the racial and ethnic inclusiveness in the total life and mission of the Church-to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This purpose is fulfilled through: 
• Education /teaching; 
• Advocacy; and by 
• Reviewing, monitoring and supporting the United Methodist Church's efforts to ensure racial inclusiveness and foster racial justice and reconciliation. 

Status and Role of Women Ministry - Teresa Holland

The primary purpose of the Status and Role of Women is to challenge The United Methodist Church to continue to: 
• Commit to the full and equal responsibility and participation of women in the total life and mission of the church, and 
• Commit to women’s sharing fully in the power and in the policy-making at all levels of the life of the church. Women and girls of all ages are welcome with a focus on positive outreach, and issues that affect minds, bodies, and spirits.


~Witness Ministries~

Archives & History - Dorothy Smith
Archives and History has a vital job in the life of our church. It is responsible for keeping records and history of Francis Burns UMC. It also preserves all historical material and records promoting the history and heritage of the church. The ministry planned and celebrated our 50th anniversary celebration in 2012. 

The Communications Ministry - Jean Weston, Martha Smith, and Dell Brabham
The Communications Ministry communicates all church events and ministry activities to the public and congregation through advertising, Burns Connection monthly publication, bulletin boards, marquees, digital media, e-communication, social media and web ministry with the aim of impacting lives, helping people to know Christ and engaging them through Christian discipleship and witness. 

Evangelism - Joi Clarke
The Evangelism Ministry assists our clergy with helping individuals establish a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This compels us to share the Word with the disconnected, the un-churched and even the nonbeliever. The ministry incorporates three principles of the Christian Church to accomplish its goals: 1) Invitation 2) Celebration and 3) Education through prayer cards, intercessory prayer and prayer in time of death, sickness, and time of need. 

Prayer Ministry -Betty Dicks
The Prayer Ministry's goal is to ignite a passion for prayer within the congregational life and ministries so that the power of Christ's love is made and known in all we are and do. The prayer ministry team assists the congregation in developing an intentional and steadfast prayer life. 

Membership - Rebecca Eleazer
The Membership Care Committee is the first point of contact for members and prospective members upon joining Francis Burns United Methodist Church. They assist in maintaining accurate membership records so that the congregation can help its members grow as Christian disciples. The committee also prepares and distributes the bi-annual Membership Pictorial Directories as well as processes new membership applications, renewals, and other necessary membership information. 

Lay Visitation - Nettie Green and Joyce Grant
Lay visitation ministers to members of the congregation and the community through service. The Lay Visitation team is composed of 24 members who work together in teams of two on a weekly basis. The teams pray, call, visit, send cards and take the altar flowers to members and others who are experiencing illness or bereavement. The Lay Visitation ministry strives to spread God's love to those in need.